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Ellen T. google sniper review the Class

of 1949 penny stock egghead review of Music, has been awarded a $40,000 grant from the National Endowment for

the Humanities to broaden her research on “Messiah” composer George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) and develop a new book, “Mr. Handel and His Friends: Music in the Context of 18th-Century London Life.””Mr. Handel and His Friends” takes up the study of Handel’s career when he lived in London (1711-1759), where he composed “The Messiah” as well as numerous well-known oratorios and operas. Harris’ 2002 book, “Handel as Orpheus: Voice

and Desire in the Chamber Cantatas” (Harvard), explored Handel’s use of silence in his cantatas, composed when he lived in Italy and was “very much embedded in the patronage system,” Harris said. “Orpheus” won the prestigious Otto Kinkeldey Award from the American Musicological Society and

the Louis Gottschalk Prize

from the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.
Harris described her

new work on Handel as getting to know the renowned composer “without his wig.”
“We know a lot about Handel within his wig — in his role as composer of big public works, producer of 30 oratorios and 42 operas —

but little about how he lived

his life. Unlike Mozart, he left few letters or other documents. But a turning point came when he moved to London: He had a home of his own; he made money from composing and, before he died, he wrote a will,” Harris said.Handel’s
music has inspired Harris for more than 30 years, she said, thanks to its richness, humanity and emotional power. But his will

contained surprises

that led to a wealth of material about how his music

fit into 18th-century English society. “Handel left money and all his scores to his manager for 40 years, John Christopher Smith. He left money

to his librettists and to his extended family in Germany. He left all the performance materials for ‘The Messiah’ to the Foundling Hospital. You’d expect that. “But he also bequeathed money to five ‘mystery’ people, unknowns whom he clearly had cared about.
I tracked them

all down. It was exhilarating to discover, for example, that Handel’s

music copyist, known in all his works as “S7” (“S” is for scribe), was his friend James Hunter,” Harris said.
The life stories of Handel’s friends and neighbors — as revealed

through documents Harris dug through at the British Library, National Archives, the House of Lords Library and other dusty storage sites — yielded the details that Harris needed to get “outside the wig” in portraying


composer’s character, particularly his capacity for sympathy. “The ‘mystery beneficiaries’ in Handel’s will had much in common

with him

and with one another. All were slightly on the edge of English society.
Few were Anglicans (Handel was Lutheran).
All but one were childless; most were unmarried; and most of them had up-and-down middle-class financial lives typical in England’s market economy,” Harris said. Most revealingly, Handel’s neighbors were amateur musicians, men and women who played his new works and

heard him play at parties, she noted. “Through his music, he was participating in English society, not just riding above it.
His music was not just for kings. It was supported by the aristocracy, yet intended to be played

in the home.
A circle of music-loving friends and neighbors nourished this very human composer,

and he repaid their affection,” Harris said. William Hague confirms equipment and vehicles – but no weapons – to be sent to National Coalition forces fighting AssadBritain is to step up assistance to Syria’s opposition, the foreign secretary William Hague has said, providing armoured vehicles, body

armour and other non-lethal equipment to the “moderate, democractic forces” battling President Bashar al-Assad.In

statement to the House of Commons, Hague said that international efforts to end the bloody two-year conflict in Syria had been an “abject failure”. He said the EU had to “move further” if there was no political solution on the ground.But
he ruled out providing arms to

the rebels – a key demand of the Syrian opposition – at least for now. He also said that there was no prospect of western military intervention in Syria.Hague’s comments came as the number of refugees fleeing the fighting passed 1 million.
The UN High commissioner for refugees, António Guterres, said the numbers had risen sharply since the beginning of the year as violence gripped the country.”Syria is spiralling towards

full-scale disaster,” Guterres said, warning that the ability of neighbouring countries to absorb the new arrivals was “dangerously stretched”. Half of the refugees were children, he said, many traumatised.Britain will now provide non-lethal military equipment to the opposition Syrian National Coalition.
This will include electricity repair, water purification equipment and testing equipment for chemical weapons.
The assistance is designed to protect civilians and was a “necessary, proportionate and lawful response to the situation of extreme humanitarian

suffering,” Hague said.The
EU arms embargo to

Syria remains in force. But Hague said the European

Union would re-examine it in May, and hinted that he would push for it to be lifted if the bloodshed continued. “We must be

prepared to do more in a siutation of such slaughter and suffering.
A more static policy would not measure up to the gravity of the

situation,” Hague told MPs.Last
week, the National Coalition’s London representative said he expected some European countries to break with Washington and to start supplying arms to the Syrian rebels in the next few months.There has already been

a noticeable relaxation in recent days of strict

restrictions the US and Turkey had imposed on arms flows over the Turkish border. Video footage on Wednesday showed

rebels shooting down a helicopter near Aleppo with a shoulder-launched missile.The
rebels complain they lack ammunition

and cannot protect themselves from

attacks by regime fighter jets and tanks. Since the conflict started, Russia and Iran have supplied Damascus with large amounts of military equipment including attack helicopters and anti-aircraft defences. Saudia Arabia and Qatar have sent some supplies to the rebels, funnelling most to radical Sunni groups.Hague said there was little possibility of a

political solution in Syria.
He said that the international community had made “countless” unsuccessful attempts to negotiate with Asssad, who enjoyed strong support from Moscow.He
rejected a suggestion by one MP that Britain should express its displeasure with

the Kremlin by boycotting the 2018 World Cup, to be hosted in Russia.SyriaMiddle East and North AfricaForeign policyWilliam HagueLuke Hardingguardian.co.uk © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited

or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More FeedsNo entomological specimens appear on this Japanese

restaurant’s menu.
Dishes are homey, and the place is

a little kooky. Sometime in

2010, a senior official in the Chinese Communist Party named Zhao Xiyong arrived in Yunnan, a mountainous province that is one of the poorest in China. Zhao had

a jet-black hair, a fancy title (head of the Beijing-based State Council Research Office), a big appetite and lots of empty nostrums about good governance.
Officials in Yunnan doted over him for three years, toasting him at dinners and competing for his favor.
Read full article >> Sophia Young scores 27 points to lead the Silver Stars to an 86-81 overtime victory over

the Monarchs on Monday in a decisive

Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals. Is it needed?

Lectures, workshops, tours and other programs are available around the region this fall. They’re free

unless otherwise noted. Many require registration, so call ahead. A. O.
Scott and David

Carr delve into reading, the tried-and-true way

and the technologically savvy


Beckham Scores First MLS Goal in Galaxy’s Victory

A penny stock egghead back at some of google sniper review biggest small business and start-up stories from the past week, with

a focus on Washington.
Sequestration delivers new competition to small contractors The sequester took effect as scheduled, and with it comes heightened competition for small government services firms as larger players start seeking projects

that were previously not worth their time.
Read full article >> The Robert H.
Ho Family Foundation has provided a $10 million grant to commission works from artists born in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or

Chávez rose from poverty to unrivaled influence

in Venezuela as its president, consolidating power and wielding the country’s oil reserves as a tool for his Socialist-inspired change. Boys raised in

single-parent households, particularly those headed by women, appear to fare poorly, a new survey suggests. Kim Corrigan joined the New

York office of Rosetta, part of the Publicis Groupe, in a new post, partner in the health care vertical. Venezuela’s foreign minister says the South American country has cut off all diplomatic contact with the United States because Washington is meddling in its domestic affairs.
HARARE, Zimbabwe – Officials say police have raided the headquarters of the political party of Zimbabwe’s prime minister and arrested three staff members. These are hairy times for fans of simian fiction.
The autobiography of Tarzan’s sidekick , ” Me Cheeta ,” was mildly amusing, but Sara Gruen’s silly ” Ape House ” left me dragging my knuckles on the floor,

and Laurence Gonzales’s ” Lucy ” read like something thrown out between the bars.

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